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Developing and commercializing advanced sensors, imaging devices, and diagnostic/prognostic software, NEWPORT SENSORS, INC. provides innovative structural health monitoring solutions to enhance safety and reduce maintenance cost of civil infrastructure and other structural/material systems.
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Press Newport Sensors successfully conducted field evaluation of the fiber optic accelerometer in three highway bridges in collaboration with Caltrans.
PressNewport Sensors Gap Mouse™ product is used for inspection of FRP-wrapped concrete columns of the Yolo Causeway in Sacramento, CA.
PressNewport Sensors has developed an innovative, groundbreaking real-time, in-situ body armor inspection system, referred to as the Smart Body ArmorR technology. The technology can be directly applied to ceramic-based personnel body armor system. With embedded low-cost ultra-light micro-sensors and a simple reliable indicator of armor damage, the Smart Armor, for the first time, enables direct inspection by soldiers anywhere anytime, to ensure integrity of the body armor and safety of the soldiers.
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Newport Sensors, Inc. is developing a health monitoring and diagnosis strategy for civil infrastructure that integrates
(1) continuous monitoring of global structural integrity by using in-structure sensors and...

(2) quantitative local damage assessment by using portable nondestructive evaluation (NDE) devices.


Catfish™ -
Fiber Optic Accelerometer
Gap Mouse™ -
Handheld Real-Time NDE Device with Imaging